The travel industry thrives on strong and engaging content. At SPHERIE, we take content to the next level.

Skytrip 360

The future of travel

The virtual travel platform of the future. Within seconds SkyTrip360 transports the user to any kind of environment. Using a combination of real 360° video environments and interactive VR, we offer the most immersive form of travel. Choose your destination, select your desired vehicle, and enjoy your panoramic flight.

With our proprietary Spherie drones, we can unobtrusively capture 360° photos and videos in any location. Combined with our virtual reality solutions, we create an unforgettable experience for you and your customers.


A multi-user experience, SkyTrip360 accommodates up to 6 players on a tour of their favorite places. The virtual vehicle works as a reference point for the brain, preventing motion sickness even while soaring through a city.


SkyTrip360 is designed for tourism boards, cities and companies, as a platform to present a desired location in a completely new way of storytelling. For every location, whether inside or outside, real or imaginary.


SkyTrip360 is accessible on the newest generation of VR headsets, both on standalone/wireless systems, or stationary/wired systems. We provide solutions for your fair, conference or any other marketing appearance, with or without the corresponding real-world flight vehicle.

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Need another kind of AR/VR application? With Spherie’s 3D spatial scans, or the power of pure imagination, we can realize immersive and interactive solutions for envisioning new spaces, game development, or industrial uses.


From high-resolution stationary shots to soaring aerial panoramas, we offer a wide range of immersive film solutions. Spherie’s proprietary technology eliminates the need to remove the drone propellers in post.


Need video that’s a little more linear? Our pipeline is also equipped for classic film production. Spherie’s hi-res sensors can reframe any part of its image, utilizing the full power of post production.

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