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From virtual real-estate tours to inspections in dangerous environments, VR/AR solutions are indispensable in industrial applications.

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inspection, scanning and visualization

The data we collect with our drones combined with 3D data of lidar scanners creates a digital twin of your industrial plant, building or area. Thus, a digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical entity. Through seamless data transmission the replica "lives" simultaneously beside the physical original.

High resolution photos from our drone are used to create detailed textures, enabling inspections to be performed even with the digital twin itself. The resulting model of your industrial plant or area can be used for several purposes. The main purpose is inspection and planning.


Our Systems can be used for creating Digital Twin of industrial systems and critical infrastructure for inspection or mixed reality presentation.

condition analysis

With high-resolution, omnidirectional capture, we can create a condition analysis of your industrial plant or equipment. Our team works with you to plan inspection points and ROIs adapted for your use-case.

Spherie 1.0 flying over the Port of Hamburg scanning objects using photogrammetry and lidar technology.

automated drone flight

The automated flight mode on our drone systems is the foundation of our inspection process. Spherie can regularly fly precise, predefined positions and capture from the exact same position multiple times, thanks to our gimbal camera system.

3d scan

Along with high-resolution images, Spherie can capture an accurate 3D scan of any object or environment. This data can be used for Augmented Reality applications in marketing or construction planning.

Visualization of objects scanned with our patented drone systems via photogrammetry for industrial inspection and AR / VR visualization.


Spherie can automatically capture media at exact coordinates over different time intervals. Its high-resolution sensors guarantee high-end inspection results, revealing narrow cracks or minor irregularities. With our software solutions, we can provide tools to easily maintain and manage your inspection data.

construction site monitoring

Our drone solutions can be used for construction site monitoring and 3D scanning of construction areas. In regards to site inspection, we can provide construction state analysis and identify problem areas.

featured cases

HHLA Real Estate AR projection

HHLA Crane Inspection VR

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