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Spherie is a service provider for all stages of film production. From conceptualising to production and post production, all the way to an outstanding marketing clip, advertisement or image film. Our expertise lies in the area of high-quality drone recordings. Nevertheless, we are no less experienced in the field of linear film on the ground.

We target production studios, companies, real estate agents, and insurance firms. We cooperate with some of the most exciting athletes and producers, like Red Bull Media House or Discovery Channel.


Behind the scenes shot of a 360 video production.

360 film

From high-resolution stationary shots to soaring aerial panoramas, we offer a wide range of immersive film solutions. Spherie’s proprietary technology eliminates the need to remove the drone propellers in post.


With Spherie’s omnidirectional high-resolution sensors, we can reframe any part of the resulting sphere in a process called overcapture. It’s like reframing a shot in post, but we have the full 360° environment to work with.

Action shots & Racing Drone

Our secret ingredient at Spherie is the in-house stable of world-class drone racers and engineers. We fly at breakneck speeds for your action shot needs.

360 STreaming

Along with professional camera systems and a production team, we also offer live-streaming solutions for your event. We work with RTMP compatible video streams on platforms such as Facebook or Youtube.

linear film

Need video that’s a little more linear? Our pipeline is also equipped for classic film production.

featured cases

A glimpse into the future of the harbor

Maritime Digital Journey into the future of shipping

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