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Spherie is an award-winning service provider for all stages of linear and 360 film production, 3D scanning, drone inspection and AR/VR development.

Live-streaming the presentation of our newest Drone for filming virtual reality content and scanning environments.


To reality... and beyond.

Our goal is to digitize the world we experience every day, to transform it into fresh, cutting-edge experiences that push the boundaries of immersive technology. Whether for tourism, industry, or media production, we set new industrial standards with individual solutions for our clients.


How does 360° film work?

360° Film is one of the key immersive media solutions of our time. Instead of only capturing one angle, a 360° camera films in every direction simultaneously to create a complete panoramic environment where the user can decide what to look at.

But we don’t stop there. We also capture spatial data from the environment to create an accurate 3D representation of the space. Paired with AR/VR technologies, this provides unprecedented solutions for media production, real estate, and industrial inspection.

Difference between normal movies and 360 VR film captured with our Spherie drone systems.
Closeup picture of our Spherie 86 Drone, showing its electronics and its 360 camera rig.


The next step in drone development

Our world is becoming digitized. That’s why we’ve developed the world’s first internationally patented drone systems that capture unobstructed 360­­° footage


Spherie drones are flying sensors, a unique solution in the digitization of reality. Like other drones, they use propellers to fly, but their cameras are positioned so that while they capture a fully 360° sphere of the environment, they avoid capturing themself. IoT, multi-sensor, AI, XR, drone… All packaged within a form factor small enough to fly indoors.

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