About us

We are a service provider for all stages of 360 video production and interactive app development.

Who are we?

Spherie is an award winning service provider for all stages of 360 film production and AR/VR development. Our goal is to create cutting-edge experiences tailored to the needs of our clients.

What drives us is the will to push the boundaries of immersive technology and setting new standards in the industry.
That's why we have developed the worlds first and until now only drone system that captures unobstructed 360° footage.


The worlds first
360 drone

Spherie is a flying sensor, a unique solution to serve the worldwide rapidly rising demand for the digitalization of the Reality.

Spherie captures the outdoor and indoor environment fullspherical as 360°Video and 3D-scan. It is the combination of IoT, drones, multisensory, AIand XR.


360° Film

Spherie is able to record omnidirectional camera movements through indoor and outdoor spaces.

3D Scan

The unobstructed 360° also makes it the perfect tool for photogrammetry scans.

Patent-pending construction

The unique design is already patented in the United States of America and China.

Unobstructed Video

We specially designed the frame of Sphere 2.0 and all hardware to be completely hidden from the 6 cameras, creating an unique unobstructed full spherical video.

Form Factor

The in comparison small size of the drone allows us to also film or scan indoors or in tight and difficult to maneuver environments like caves.

8K 60 FPS

Because of the high resolution it is also possible to crop in the 360° video and get a conventional 4k video.

The Team

The team came together over the last years from various different backgrounds to combine their expertise to create this product.To develop the drone we were able to hire people with years of experience working with drones professionally, from drone manufacturers to racing pilots and engineers. The combined experience of our team is hard to match in an industry this young.

For the camera system we put together an equally experienced team with camera operators from one of the first 360 video production companies in Germany and technical advisors developing hardware and software for our specialised camera system.We’re also well connected in the camera industry and in talks with all big manufacturers of 360 cameras.

Nicolas Chibac

Co-Founder /CEO

Eric Thomsen

CTO /Engineering

Kathinka Mrosewski

Controlling /Business Intelligence

Moritz Eichenauer

Mechanical Engineer /R&D

Benedikt M.-Schwickerath

Tecnical Supervisor /Software

Michał Konieczka

Unreal Developer

Florian Kamrath

Project Manager /Pilot

Patrick Jürgens

360° Camera

Johannes Crilly

New Buisness

Rico Chibac

Co-Founder /CD

Jonathan Hesselbarth

Co-Founder /Advisor

Tom Plümmer

Co-Founder /Advisor

Jonas Schnell

Web Developer

Bastian Schulz

Working Student

Felix Hauerken

PM / Office Manager

Matthias Weitmann

Engineering /R&D

Tobias Wieske

Pilot /R&D

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