interactive xr applications

Our interactive XR solutions combine our expertise in drones, 360 film and 3D scanning to create outstanding immersive experiences for entertainment, training, edutainment or industrial use. With an experienced team of software developers, we design complex VR and AR applications.
Do you want to showcase a product that does not yet exist? Do you want to pre visualize your new company facilities, production line or workflow? We provide VR solutions for your workers to train with. We can model your product in virtual reality, or create entire virtual rooms beyond your imagination, as single or multi-user applications.
Our AR solutions are ready for mobile, tablet and desktop and can visualize or project anything you want onto any desired surface


SkyTrip360 is a package-based platform designed to provide a B2B solution for groundbreaking ways of presenting any destination, city or company to visitors and customers. It is produced by an experienced team of pilots, drone engineers, software & media engineers and creatives

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360 Live-Streaming

Do you want to show a conference, meeting or any other event as a live stream accessible from anywhere in the world? We will set up a live-streaming infrastructure for your event, with various professional cameras, operators, and a director. We provide 360° video capturing and live-streaming on your computer, VR headset or mobile device. We work with RTMP compatible video streams which can be distributed by any common platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or other CDNs.

inspection vr

We create VR applications for industrial usage, such as VR Inspections and VR Trainings. You want to regularly inspect a bridge many kilometers away from your office? You want to see if your crane is still safe, but can’t easily climb all the way up to its inspection point? We can map complete workflows with highly detailed textures that you can use to perform inspections on objects remotely.

gaming & edutainment

Do you need an entire edutainment application or XR Game? We take care of all production steps, from concept and storyboard to modelling and programming.
Do you want photorealistic textures and highly immersive sceneries or objects? We can scan your room, building or object and make it ready for your game, XR app or software tool.
Do you need a specific 3D scenery for your game or VR app? Our 3D department can design and model it for you, for normal gaming and XR.

product &
real estate visualization

We design and model your product and interior for pre rendered scenarios, with high complex lighting and ray tracing. We build furnishings or other sceneries according to your needs.


Not only for our industrial cases, but also for entertainment or teaching purposes we can create entire photogrammetry scans of inside or outside areas. The highly detailed 3D data and textures, can then be integrated into complex VR applications, with stunning real photorealistic look, even as virtual experience. Another purpose for the captured digital twins are AR applications that can be included in marketing campaigns, advertisements, or trade fair concepts.


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