Film Productions

linear film

Spherie is a service provider for all stages of film production. From conceptualising to production and post production, all the way to an outstanding marketing clip, advertisement or image film. Our unmatched expertise lies in the area of high-quality drone recordings. Nevertheless, we are no less experienced in the field of linear film on the ground.
We target production studios, companies, real estate agents, and insurance firms. We cooperate with some of the most exciting athletes and producers, like Red Bull Media House or Discovery Channel. Our goal is the perfect combination of outstanding unique hardware, an experienced team on set and streamlined software to create a permanent increase of efficiency for our clients.

Action shots & Racing Drone

Our pilots are among the most experienced drone pilots in Europe and show years of experience in drone racing and action shots. You want to capture fast moving cars, flying objects or adventure sport clips? We provide cutting-edge drone shots through the smallest gaps, powerful spins and twists with velocities of beyond 200 km/h tailored to your needs.

360 film

With our high-end 360 drone solutions, we capture magnificent 360° video shots for every imaginable scenario. You want to present a high-end 360 film to your most valued customers? We capture indoors and outdoors, fast moving objects or breathtaking landscapes, with our high-end camera systems such as a drone-rigged Insta360 Titan, or our Spherie 2.0. Our self-developed and award-winning drone solves the problem of visible rigging inside the 360 image by having the frame and hardware specifically designed to be completely hidden from the 6-camera system, creating a unique and unobstructed spherical video, lowering post production costs.


Due to the high resolution of 360 capturing, it is possible to crop the 360° video to get conventional 4k footage. This makes “shooting now, framing later” possible, which is especially handy in action or sport shots where unexpected things can happen at any time and any place.


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